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Title: Unexpectedly expecting (semi-autobiographic debut novel)

More and more woman are putting off having children untill they are older and
- lacking the right partner - ever more of them make the conscious decision to be single mothers.
Unfortunately, the chances of miscarriage increase with age: one in six pregnant women between the age of 35 and 40 have a miscarriage. For women over 40, this figure increases to one in two. The lack of a partner and the relentless ticking of the biological clock are sources of increasing pressure fo many women.

In Unexpextedl expecting Niki appears to have it all: she is a 40-years-old single woman with a nice house in Amsterdam, lovely parents, at least one female friend for every mood and a good job in the marketing. But she hasn't found het soul mate yet. When she unexpectedly gets pregnant, Niki faces the all but impossible choice: whether or not to keep the baby.
However, after a deliberate desicion to have the baby and be a single mother, she miscarries. Now Niki must once again readjust her expectations and bid farewell to her hopes of becoming a mother.

This is a poignant novel about the dreams and expectations of a women who lives her life to the full. Leonie van Mierlo manages to convey het alter ego's enormous dilemma in a style that is incisive as it is light-hearted

Leonie van Mierlo (1966) works as a freelance marketing/management consultant, helping organisations and individuals discover and realise their potential. Leonie lives and works in Amsterdam.
Unexpectedly expecting is her (semi-autobiographical) debut novel.
She is currently working on het second novel.

Fragment of Unexpectedly expecting
I am standing in the kitchen of my ground-floor flat in Amsterdam. looking incredulously at the two pregnancy tests. Lying happily side-by-side on the kitchen counter, the blue sticks are staring me in the face.
'I am pregnant,' I mutter to myself.
'I really am pregnant. It can't possibly be true!'
My heart starts racing and I am panting. I feel faint.

click here for a translation of the first chapter of Unexpectedly expecting

Foreign publications
Leonie van Mierlo is open to opportunities for foreign translation and publication.

Leonie van Mierlo
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